Top reasons why you must set up your company in Malta


Malta is one of the nations where setting up your company can be done easily. There are some protocols you need to follow and you can set up your company very quickly. As we all know Malta, is a very strategically important nation around Europe. Malta isn’t just an incredible spot to set up your workplace, yet it additionally is a spot that numerous people go gaga for, credits to the dazzling climate and the lovely view. Here, we give you the top reasons, which are not all identified with the style and culture of the island, why you ought to think about setting up an organization in Malta along with your Malta companies registration process.

  • The first and the foremost reason why you should choose Malta for your business is because of the very low and effective taxation scheme they implement and levy for the corporates in the whole of the EU.
  • The income tax level in Malta is also very comparatively low and you can cut the tax rates more in the process of saving money
  • The minimum wage designated by the country is very low in comparison with other nations. The average monthly salary is somewhere around 1000 to 2000 Euros.
  • The establishment of your company can be done at a very fair price in Malta when compared to other European nations. You have to spend only around 1500 Euros to set your company and make it functional.
  • The social security amount to be paid by the employer and the employee are very less in Malta.
  • The threats and crime that take place on this Island are very low so you can be assured of the safety and security of your company.
  • The climate of Malta is so refreshing and sunny, you won’t face the risk of the climate affecting your work or business.


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