Going Green in Your Business Helps the Environment While Reducing Costs

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Helping the planet should be a major concern, especially for large companies that have greater carbon footprints. There are many benefits of creating green initiatives aside from benefiting the environment. Most companies find that they save significant amounts of money after going green. This is likely from using a reduced amount of both tangible resources and energy. Creating a company-wide green initiative is mutually beneficial to the planet and the pocketbook.

Paper Reduction

Over the last several years many companies have chosen to offer paperless billing in the form of digital statements. Most people do not recycle mail but rather throw it away adding to the landfills. Offering paperless billing dually saves companies money by reducing the cost of paper and postage. Additionally, reducing the in-office paper supply usage can also be a cost saver.

Recycling and Repurposing

Paper, plastics, glass, and metal can all be recycled and reused. Something as simple as having recycling receptacles located by printers, receiving docks, lunchrooms, and cafeterias can significantly reduce the amount of physical waste. Specifically, in the manufacturing industry, recycled goods can be melted down and remade into brand new packaging. Again, this benefits the company by reducing the number of materials needed to be purchased for production and helping reduce landfill waste.

Rebates and Tax Incentives

Switching to LED lights, low-flow toilets, and solar power are just a few ways that an energy company may be able to provide money-saving rebates. Each company is different, check with the local provider’s website for the most current information. There is a solar tax credit available to businesses or individuals that have installed solar power panels or solar water heater systems. Some states offer tax credits or property tax reductions for purchasing qualifying energy-efficient appliances and machinery. Finally, company cars can be swapped out for electric cars to save money on gas and also qualify for both state and federal tax credits.

Green Web Hosting

Most people have not become familiar with green web hosting or understand its benefit. The internet is booming world-wide. It takes a lot of energy to run all the servers and equipment that keep it functioning 24/7. All this energy usage emits astounding amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere That is why many web hosting companies have chosen to go green meaning they use alternative power sources to power their servers and support other green initiatives.

The planet is being damaged by the effects of modern human living. Manufacturing, pollution, landfills, and overuse of natural resources are negatively affecting the Earth. Companies and individual can help the environment by taking part in green initiatives. There is an additional perk of cost savings due to lower energy usage, tax rebates, recycling, and reusing materials. Making small changes within an organization can lead to many positive long-term changes. Consumers are also more likely to support companies that are going green and care about the environment making it an all-around excellent choice.



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