Reasons Why You Should Use Third Party Tools For AWS Monitoring


In this era where easy and fast Internet connectivity exists, programs are deployed in the cloud. End users can access the program anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection and a browser. There are a lot of factors that can affect the speed of the program such as the power, security, VPC performance, and the quality of code being deployed.

There are two reasons why a business or a user of cloud services platforms should monitor the services being provided. The first one is to make sure that the service provider really delivers the service being paid. Second is to make sure that the cloud service solution is what gives the optimal user experience for the end users. Amazon included its own monitoring software called CloudWatch, which is a good software for tracking what happens in the server side and has metrics like CPU Utilization and disk usage. However, CloudWatch is not the perfect fit for everyone, and this comes with good reasons.

Deficiencies Of Amazon Cloudwatch

Perspective in end-user experience: Amazon Cloudwatch offers metrics that monitor what happens to the program being deployed. However, CloudWatch only “watches” what’s inside it’s “cloud”. It doesn’t monitor what happens outside, including the routes taken from the cloud to the end user.

The search option is not that refined: There are times when you would want to search something in your logs to identify the problems and other important things. CloudWatch’s search function is not that refined and a lot of users from reviews such as G2Crowd are scratching their heads because of this.

Sluggish and old-looking UI: An effective user interface makes a job a thousand times easier. CloudWatch, on the other hand, with its sluggish and out of this era look seems to bother more people than making things easier.

Hard to learn for some: This is not always the case for everyone. However, a lot of users find it hard to learn CloudWatch. Nick Searle from MOJO Marketplace stated that their staff prefers working with tools that are easy to use out of the box.

There are many reasons for using a third-party tool for aws performance monitoring. The necessity of monitoring the end-user experience: If you want to get the whole picture of what’s currently happening to your cloud-deployed program, you must also know what happens in the end user’s side. Third party tools can give better insights if you have programs deployed in two or more locations. This is because CloudWatch can only give an insight into one location. If you deploy two or more programs in two or more locations, a third-party performance monitoring tool which can give insights in more than one locations would be more helpful for you.

Other third-party tools have a better UI and search option: Learning CloudWatch’s mistake, there are a lot of third-party tools that offer better user interface and search options. Some are easier to learn than the Amazon Cloudwatch. Learning software depends on the user’s time and commitment allocated to it. However, when it comes to a business, it is always better if the user can use tools right out of the box for more efficiency and productivity.



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