Why You Should Replace Your Business’ Old Doors and Windows with Glazed Glass


For business owners, choosing double glazed glass for your windows and doors has a lot of benefits to consider. Glazed glass consists of inert gas that is sealed between layers of glass. Not only are double glazed options available, business owners can choose to add a third or even fourth layer to further increase the benefits that this method can provide.

Sound Insulation
Many businesses are on busy streets or in the middle of a construction area. These sounds can be distracting and even cause headaches to employees. By adding sound insulation through Glass Glazing Dallas, you can keep your business quiet and free from the noise pollution of the outside world. There are options available such as different thicknesses in each glass pane to reduce the sound even further.

Reduced Condensation

Condensation can cause a lot of damage to merchandise and equipment. When the condensation freezes, it can also turn to ice which can make the room temperature feel lower and less comfortable during the colder months. By reducing condensation, businesses also reduce their risk of mold.


Glazed glass is harder to break than glass with just one pane. In addition, the seal that is formed around the windows and doors is tighter, so it becomes harder to force entry through the outside. Not only will it be harder for criminals to break the glass, there is a chance that they may avoid targeting your facility because of it. Security can be enhanced even further by choosing glass that is toughened or laminated.

Reduced Fading

UV light can fade many different types of surfaces. This is an especially large problem for a business that displays signage or merchandise in the front of their building or windows. Installing glazed glass can allow your business to display items safely without worrying about them being ruined by the damaging effects of the sun.

Keeps Cool Air Inside

Glazed windows trap the heat from the outside between their layers of glass. This keeps your building cooler in the summer. Not only does it keep the outside temperatures from coming in, it keeps the cool air from escaping due to improper insulation.

Keeps Warm Air Inside

One of the biggest complaints people have with single pane glass is that they can feel drafts coming from the windows and doors. Just like how the layers between the glass keep the warm air out in the summer, they can keep the cold air trapped between them in the winter. Combined with the reduction in condensation, this can keep a business considerably more comfortable than without it.

Energy Efficient

Due to the fact that glazed windows help keep the weather outside out and keep the air inside in, your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work quite so hard. In addition, the reduction in condensation creates a less humid environment as well. Humid air is much more difficult to keep climate controlled compared to dry air.




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