Why A Strong Communications System Is Important in Business


A company that has satellite offices really needs a way to conference with employees outside of the home office. No matter the size of the company, or if it is public or private, the internet needs to be a place of private access for all employees. There can be a guest sign-in if needed, but the internet and voice applications need to be secured lines. A great working voice and video communications system is important for staff meetings, special announcements, shareholder meetings. The most beneficial system will be able to work across several vendor platforms. Some companies do not have the budget to purchase a brand-new system that unifies each remote office.

Staff Meetings

At the last company I worked at we had staff meetings once a quarter. At those staff meetings we bought our lunch and sat at our desks while we logged in online. The meetings were full of music, jokes, and information about the company. We learned about what short term and long-term plans were for each department. Meetings like these need a strong video and voice system setup. We had to login remotely and the communication didn’t glitch or freeze up at all. We had a really strong connection even though we were so far away.

Special Announcements

At times when there was a special announcement to be made, we would have to log in at a scheduled time. Usually during those times, our CO would be hosting the meeting from his office. He had the help of the IT department of course, but the system was simple enough that a video conference could be held from a single office instead of in the big room where the staff meetings were held. A great communications system can make the difference of having to do everything from a single location and being able to broadcast from any site. Companies need a system like this to broadcast any important information to all staff members.

Shareholder Meetings

For Public Companies, shareholder meetings are very important. This is probably one of the worst times for a communications system to fail. These calls usually consist of voice over the phone with an option to login to a broadcast slide presentation. You really need your communication system to be working well for these calls because everything reflects value. For those that want to follow along, you want to have your own solid communications system set up already. You can have it tested out by your IT person before the meeting begins. If you feel you may need a new communication system setup you should search on https://www.megapath.com/security/sd-wan/.

A solid voice and video system is very important for companies that do a lot of presenting and communicating over the internet. You need a smooth connection without glitches to hold the attention of your audience. It is also important for communicating via voice. You need a strong network to secure your connection and avoid glitches. A great voice and video system is good for staff meetings, special announcements, and shareholder meetings.



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