Edible Packaging Materials are Proving to Be Better for Usage Purpose Compared to Plastics


Plastic materials usage is being reduced in many ways because of its harmful effect on the environment and on human life.  In the present decade, more importance is given to eco friendly materials that keep our surroundings and our well being safe. Hence, no wonder when food packaging industry is trying to use a new environment friendly material to pack their products.

Prime reasons for not using plastic materials for food packaging:

  • They are non-biodegradable thus doesn’t decompose at all.
  • The toxins present in the plastic material isn’t good for health.
  • They emit CO2 footprint that is not good for the environment.

There are many well acclaimed manufacturing companies making eco-friendly packaging products, bags and other products. One of the most popular among them is Custom Earth Promos. You can buy custom bags to promote your business that are trendy, durable and have versatile use. They are the best aid to stop usage of non-friendly environmental products.

Why to use eco friendly materials for food packaging?

  • They are compostable and biodegradable.
  • They are durable, thus worth its cost.
  • You can enjoy tax incentives as you are favoring to protect the environment.
  • Your company brand image enhances as even customers like to use eco friendly products.

Now, more about the usage of ecologically friendly materials for food packaging:

  • Zip up bags: They are good for storing vegetables and edibles however it isn’t right for storing ready to eat edibles. Moreover, they are expensive compared to plastic bags.
  • Edible plastic film: It is used to pack sweets as it avoids oxygen from entering the packed food.
  • Seaweed food packaging: It is more popular now as it is even used to pack cosmetics and edible food. It doesn’t allow heat to escape thus it is best to pack hot food. After usage it can be used as a fertilizer.
  • Fungus based packaging: Mushrooms are blended with natural materials like oats to form a mixture to be molded in required shape for packaging.
  • Vegetable starch – Potatoes starch is mixed with other naturally obtained things like paper, cotton fibers and water to make isothermal packing material.
  • Fruits skins – Grapes skin is used in place of potato starch to make the packaging material.
  • Wood pulp – The wood pulp of Eucalyptus trees is used to make packaging that is fool proof against moisture and oxygen entering in.
  • Shrimp shells – They are used to make biodegradable bags by collecting loads of shell waste. The shell powder is mixed in acid to reduce its brittleness to make packing bags.
  • Lime stones – Pulverized lime stone mixed with small proportions of polyethylene for binding are processed to be supportable for making durable packaging material.
  • Sheep wool – The wool acts as a good insulator, thus aids in packing temperature sensitive food products.

There are many more natural products that can be used to make biodegradable packing materials. You can buy such products from popular reliable online shops like Custom Earth Promos to contribute in saving our planet from the non beneficial qualities of plastic.



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