Corrugated Compared to Average Packaging Sources


Corrugated boxes are normally used for shipping, distribution and manufacturing purposes. They provide benefits like bracing, blocking and unique cushioning features to protect fragile items. Average shipping containers will provide labels to identify the product and barcodes for routing. Corrugated packages are like average shipping containers, but they also are popular for their durability, recyclability, and cost-effectiveness. Over 95 percent of products are shipped with corrugated boxes within the United States. The corrugated box can provide a strong and adequate stacking option for warehouses. The box is designed to support long-term storage and moisture resistance against high humidity areas.

Benefits of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are a preferred way to package items. They are used because of their reusability and recyclability features. They are made up of a fluted sheet that is glued to more than one-liner. The flutes are referred to as the heart of the corrugated box and works like a cushion. The cushion offers a soft like material feeling that provides safety against vibration, mechanical shocks, and jerks. Corrugated boxes work very well with fragile pieces like glassware, televisions, electronic gadgets and sensitive furniture pieces.

The boxes are lightweight and make it very easy to move around and handle. They offer a high-tech protection for shipped products during movement and transportation. Not only are they great for the planet, they are very cost efficient, cheap and readily available for shipping and packaging.

When it comes to branding and logo designs, the graphic capabilities are far better than the usual cardboard box. They work well with printing options like screen printing, digital printing and litho. Corrugated boxes are available in all types of shapes and sizes. They are made to suit and serve each client by catering to their requests. The boxes are also popular for the packaging materials that are used. They are eco-friendly and can be reused, this is a more feasible alternative compared to plastic blister packs and polystyrene loose fill materials.

Difference Between Corrugated Boxes and Standard Boxes

The corrugated boxes are very different from standard cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes use a thick type of paper called paperboard. This is the same type of material that is used for cereal boxes. However, the corrugated box has an inner layer that is rippled with a flat outer layer. The layers are then held together by a thick starchy like glue. This gives the containers a very durable and strong protection for any items that are in the box.

Americans love cardboard boxing! It is the most widely used type of shipping product from one location to another. The source to Custom corrugated package manufacturing containers has changed over the last few years mainly because of the competition in lower-cost manufacturing centers across seas. This means that the boxes are shipped farther out.

People interact with corrugated packaging on an everyday basis. In today’s economy, over 84 percent of these containers are used for daily necessities like food and beverages. There is also an increase in the growth of big box stores using them. They play a very big part in the supply chain and have dual purposes in protecting and helping sell top brand products.



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