Different Ways of Entertaining Wedding Guests


Entertaining your guests don’t need to cost the whole earth. With minimal organization, you can manage to entertain all your guests with a small budget. There is numerous staff that is free which you can properly organize and offer entertainment.

It will only need you to set time so that you can properly sort them out. Here is a list of some of the things that you can do to entertain those that have found it important to attend your wedding celebration.

You Can Do Face Painting for Kids

Children adore it when their faces are painted. They can queue for hours so that they can get their faces looking like a cat or a lion. If you are not good at painting, you can request any of your friends with a dab hand to assist you with the painting.

Face painting is an efficient and free mechanism of entertaining all the kids that attend your wedding ceremony or party. The children will remain happy for an extended period, maybe until the ceremony is over. Their parents will be so happy and will extend their gratitude for making their children’s day memorable.

Have Some Quizzical

Guests enjoy quizzes. There are numerous opportunities that you can utilize to entertain your guests using quizzes. You can randomly announce a quiz while guests are chanting or socializing and promise a large piece of cake at the end. This will jog their minds.

You Can Have a Dance Competition Between Couples

If you have hired a wedding DJ, you can ask for some tracks which will get the guests on their feet and start dancing. It’s at this moment that you propose a couple dancing competition. Additionally, you can propose knockout competitions until you have one couple that will win the contest.

This is a simple way of entertaining your guests. It’s not even costly. It’s a form of entertainment that excites even the spectators who remain in their seats.

If you have a favorable budget. You may consider other forms of entertaining your guests. You may decide to hire a magician, an illusionist or even a wedding band to come and perform for the guests.

You Can Play Heads and Tails Using a Coin

A heads and tails game is fun. It’s a form of entertainment that involves everyone. First, you call on a holder who will pound the coin. Then you ask everyone to stand up. If they think that it’s a tail, they put their hands up.

Whoever guesses right is given the opportunity to sit down. You can continue with the process until there is left with one person standing. The last person can be asked to sing a song or dance for the wedding couple.

This kind of game is entertaining to play when people have finished giving speeches. After a speech, there is always a bit of a lull. To put the guests back into an exciting mode, you can propose the game.

You Can Have a Karaoke Session

Karaoke sessions are magnificent. You can ask your best man and best maid to sing a song for the guests. It’s entertaining when the singer is not able to sing well and you just tease them and make jokes.



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